"Don't Marry the Dragon" a documentary DVD about heroin addiction. The DVD is based on a poem I wrote in jail. The poem, "Will You Marry Me" was the inspiration for the video. You can watch the entire 80 minute video by clicking the "watch video" button on the upper right corner of this page. You can also order the DVD by clicking the link above or the button below.

Video Content
The DVD is considered “Real Documentary” therefore; it is very graphic in nature. It is not recommended for small children. Graphic images include medical photos and video that show damaged tissue and alike of the human anatomy. All images of the deceased are real. All images of the use of drugs and drug paraphernalia are real. There’s no vulgar language and there are no sexual explicit scenes. Viewer discretion is advised. A guideline for parents is to ask these questions; would I let my child watch the TLC (The Learning Channel), or documentary programs on Discovery? I suggest parents watch the DVD first. The DVD is 80 minutes in length.

As you might guess I had much help by many people in making this DVD as it took almost three years to complete. My nephew Mike Forcier was the most instrumental working by my side through the whole project. If you are interested here is a pdf of the Technical Aspects

"Shot Locally, Shown Globally"
Since the completion of the DVD in 2003 it has been shown in many places around the free world, but mostly in the United States. Some of the places it has been played in are: rehabilitation centers, detox facilities, hospitals, prisons, police training, fire departments, public and private schools, youth detention centers, teen runaway shelters, but it mostly has been viewed by the friends and families of addicts. The DVD was filmed in and around my hometown - Seattle, Washington, USA.

One last thing, I am a Christian and share about my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. You may want to read the review in the Newspaper Article that was written about the video. This is a non-partisan story by the Everett Herald.

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Producer — Lawrence M. DuBois

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Heroin & Health Consequences
This DVD has excerpts from Don't Marry the Dragon that specifically address the health consequences of using heroin. This video is educational in nature compared to Don't Marry the Dragon being more of a documentary. Heroin & Health Consequences is only 20 minutes long so it is a great DVD for a classroom setting.

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 Some of the photos that are in the video.

Hell Unleashed
The idea for the title, "Hell Unleashed" came from an interview I heard on a local Seattle radio station a few of years ago. I was almost finished with the video when Layne Staley, a band member of Alice in Chains, died from a heroin overdose. In an interview, singer Sammy Hager was asked to comment on Staley's death. He said, “It (heroin) is the worst thing that has ever been unleashed on this planet.” I thought his comment to be descriptive, and very accurate. This book is similar to the video, but with more vivid detail. You are about to read my story. I have been through some unbelievable perils. One last thing, as ugly and horrific the heroin lifestyle is; it’s much worse than I depict in this book. It’s not only difficult to put into Hell Unleashed Bookwords; it is very hard for me to dwell on the darkness and despair of my past. My hope is that this book will reach the masses and yet if it helps just one person, my life has been worth it!